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We propose a series of projects carried out using the products we sell. You will surely find ideas to help you develop yours. You can contact us to receive further advice on your project with wooden sleepers, eco-sleepers or any other product from our catalog.


The use of sleepers is in high demand in industrial sectors such as aviation, the port sector and construction in general.
Due to its great resistance and zero maintenance, we installed sleepers in several projects of aerial dismantling and port securing, in the transfer of unloading cranes in ports, as well as other types of earth securing work in swamps.

Kalmar | Assembly of a platform at ground level for the movement of a port crane in the Port of Tangier
Custom installation at ground level of the gangway with wooden sleepers for the movement of 2 port cranes, which, due to their large tonnage, use resistant sleepers made of special wood.

Brucair maintenance | Aerial project with an Airbus A340 for ground support

Ecube solutions | Support of the Airbus A319 and A321 at Cardiff (England) and Castellón airports



The main task is to include the use of wooden sleepers in the architecture of the house to provide it with features that only natural materials can offer: high resistance to the elements, widely used in facades, exterior porches of houses, roofs of parkings public and private, or even loading docks.

Work in resort of Gran Canaria
It was required to perform the perimeter closure of a facade within a hotel project under renovation.

Cladding project inside a private house using wagon boards in Robledo de Chavela (Madrid)

Hotel project in the first phase. Medieval urban complex located in Poblet d´Auvinyà (Andorra)
It is intended to recreate the cladding of facades with the Andorran style of the time. In which we have used train sleepers to give it that authentic touch and a great visual impact with a simply spectacular finish.

Exterior renovation and renovation project of a house in Barcelona
We use wagon boards to cover the exterior walls, as well as the floors of the exterior of the property.

Construction project of an exterior wooden patio in Oleiros (A Coruña)
Installation of exterior flooring in the patio of the house where they needed a very durable wood due to the rainy weather. The train sleepers hold up perfectly.



Incorporating wooden railway sleepers is a great idea. They are very resistant woods and can be used in different ways to apply in any garden, shooting range, golf courses, riding trails and a long etc. They add a rustic touch to paths, steps, benches, fences and fences. Its use is unlimited where imagination and creativity allow us.

Project "Valderrey Golf Course" (Zamora)
Different phases of work which include the securing of land, construction of terraces and landscaping on the field.
The Valderrey golf course in Zamora is already a reality. Go ahead and try this exciting sport without having to leave your city.

Renovation project for the exterior of a villa in El Prat (Barcelona)
Installation of sleepers as a retaining wall to solve risks of landslides and clear the unevenness with sleeper ladders. Beautiful and functional with a magnificent result.

Riding tracks project in various locations in Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga.
Our sleepers are used by various construction companies for riding fields, which we install for trotting and competition fields.

If you need us to carry out your project, be it industrial, residential or landscaping, contact us, we will be happy to help you.
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